• NO eating or drinking in the toddler area.

  • Please wash hands after eating.

  • Wash hands after leaving party rooms.

  • Please sanitize your hands before coming in and when you leave.

  • Please only change diapers in the changing room.

  • No food or drink in the play areas of the space.

  • No outside food EXCEPT for kids with allergies.


All parties booked are on HOLD until the Corona Virus issue is over and Government gives the go ahead to open. 

We will then contact everyone personally with next step.

Best Party Place Ever!

  • No toys allowed in the play structure.

  • No throwing toys at people.

  • Slide down ONLY sitting down.

  • Never go down the slide lying down.

  • Don't climb back up the slides.

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Corona Virus Update:

As with everybody, we have been monitoring the Corona virus situation closely, especially CDC guidelines.

As you know we are heavily involved in Ticklez, personally managing Ticklez especially during weekends, and extremely invested in our friends who come to spend time here. We have been doubling down in the cleaning and sanitizing of the place even before the declaration of Covid-19 pandemic, while monitoring news coming out of CDC especially around what to, and more importantly, what not to do, in these times.

With our family members at home having at-risk conditions (age, chronic conditions), we’ve decided to close Ticklez from open play from tomorrow on wards (starting Saturday 3/14), in line with CDC’s guidelines of social distancing for high-risk individuals. We could have let our staff to manage the space for open play but we don’t want them to be exposed to risks that we’re ourselves are not exposed to.

We have/will be contacting all customers who have booked party with us to have a one-to-one conversation around the upcoming parties. If you would like to postpone your party till a future date, or have your party refunded. 

Social distancing is very important to help us return to our normal life.


We would like to point all our friends to the CDC guidelines around Covid-19 for accurate information.


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